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You can book individual sessions of two or four hours in our 12-unit EESystem right now. Or you can purchase our pre-paid, multi-session packages of six, 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours at discounts of up to 40%, then book your sessions at your convenience.

Cellular Recharge

in our 12-unit EESystem


Cellular Recharge

in our 12-unit EESystem


Wellness Package

Three sessions of two hours each in our 12-unit EESystem


Bronze Package

Five sessions of two hours each in our 12-unit EESystem


Silver Package

10 sessions of two hours each in our 12-unit EESystem


Gold Package

15 sessions of two hours each in our 12-unit EESystem


Platinum Package

20 sessions of two hours each in our 12-unit EESystem


In order to accommodate all members, please book your appointment at least one day in advance

*Please note: Currently, our booking system allows you to create bookings for only one member at a time. This doesn’t mean you can’t bring a friend or loved one!  If you would like to visit our center with someone, you will need to book the session for yourself, then book a session on the same date and time for the individual(s) accompanying you. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Signing up for one of our classes or workshops?  Log in below, select “New Booking,” the click “Classes” to see the list of available events.

Booking Questions

Is there a membership fee to join Enhanced Energy Wellness NC?

Booking a session with Enhanced Energy Wellness NC requires acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. That means you automatically become a member of our community, and membership fees are included in any money you pay for an appointment.

Can I purchase multi-session packages at a discounted rate?

Yes! Enhanced Energy Wellness NC offers plans of 6, 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours at significant discounts. Purchase one of those plans by signing in and choose the “Prepaid packages” option. Select your package, and you’ll have credits added to your account, each of which covers a two-hour session. Keep track of your balance with the “Your prepaid credits” option. Family members can also use credits when they book appointments.

How do I set up a family account?

During the booking process, you will be asked to identify the person for whom you are making the appointment. Choose “New Person” and enter the name(s) of any family members. Those individuals will now be linked to your account.  In the future, you can log in to your account to book appointments for them. Members under the age of 18 must be part of a parent or guardian’s family account.

I purchased a pre-paid package of 6, 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours, but I can only book two-hour sessions. Why?

Due to a quirk in our booking system, sessions booked using your pre-paid credits must be booked two hours at a time.  This does not mean you can’t come for four or even six hours; you can simply book two or three consecutive appointments on one day.

I have pre-paid credits, but the system is asking me to pay! What should I do?

Please make sure that you do, in fact, have credits remaining in your account. If you do, you should have no trouble booking appointments for yourself with no additional payment (credits will be applied to your booking automatically).  However, if you are trying to book for two or more people, at one time, the system will attempt to charge you for the others. To work around this, create separate bookings for each person in your party. The system should then apply your pre-paid credits to these sessions.

Can I purchase gift cards?

Enahnced Energy Wellness offers gift vouchers.  Purchase two- or four-hour sessions in our EESystem for a friend or loved one, and you will be e-mailed a code to share with the gift recipient.  When they book their session, this code will credit their account with the amount of your gift.

Can I cancel or change my scheduled appointment?

Unfortunately, Enhanced Energy Wellness NC cannot offer refunds for cancelled sessions. However, we do allow members to re-schedule appointments with no penalty up to 24 hours in advance.  

How do I change an existing reservation?

To change an existing reservation, log into your account and click on “Your Bookings.”  Click on the appointment you would like to change, then click on the pencil icon to make your change.  The amount you paid will automatically be applied to the new reservation.  Keep in mind that reservations cannot be changed less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Do pre-paid credits for sessions expire?

Once purchased, pre-paid credits for Enhanced Energy Wellness NC’s EESystem never expire. We are confident that members who exprience the EESystem’s benefits will want to come back over and over!